Dr. Huai-Kuang Tsai
Dr. Huai-Kuang Tsai 蔡懷寬博士, Principal Investigator

I have been working on bioinformatics since my graduate years. In recent years, my work has been mainly on regulatory mechanisms. I try to integrate computing techniques, statistical methods, and data from high-throughput biological experiments. Since the transcription of genes is mainly controlled by the interaction between transcription factors (TFs) and their binding sites (TFBSs), I am particularly interested in inferring the functions of TFs and their recognized TFBSs. I use mainly the baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as the model organism.


Dr. Jia-Hsin Huang

Dr. Jia-Hsin Huang 黃佳欣博士, Postdoctoral researcher

I received my PhD degree in Entomology from National Taiwan University. My PhD training focused on the insect physiology, including endocrine regulation in reproduction, stress response and metamorphosis in the German cockroach. During my first postdoctoral research in the Cornell University, USA, my study under broader aspect of insect physiology concerns the nutritional interaction between host insects and beneficial microbiota. Later, I became interested in the bioinformatics and joined Huai-Kuang’s lab since Oct. 2015. I am currently working on the evolution of transcription factor binding sites in human genome and the transcriptional regulation on the alternative splicing of gene expression. Outside research, I enjoy playing volleyball and reading books.

Wan-Hsin LiuWan-Hsin Liu 劉宛欣, Doctoral Student

I am a Ph.D. student in Bioinformatics under Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP). I received my BS degree from the Department of Biochemical Science and Technology and MS degree from Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the National Taiwan University. My previous work focuses on the mechanisms of gastric cancer induced by Helicobacter pylori. After that, I am curious about the network regulation under biology. To have a clearer and more precise view of the networks, I start to study bioinformatic research. I wish computer science approach can help discover more interesting network regulations.


Sufeng Chiang
Sufeng Chiang 江蘇峰, Doctoral Student

I joined the BITS laboratory in 2007 as a research assistant, after receiving my master degree. Since 2012, I enrolled into the Ph.D. program at the Genome and Systems Biology program, National Taiwan University. My research interest revolves around the transcriptional regulation in yeast. I did my master at the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University. There, I worked on the toxicity of nanoparticles with cDNA microarray. After my master work, I am working towards solving problems in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology. My other interests include listening to music, mostly western classical and playing with my baby daughter.

Cheng-Kai Shiau 蕭丞凱, Doctoral Student

Cheng-Kai Shiau is a Ph.D. student in Bioinformatics program under Taiwan International Graduate Program. He earned his BS degree in medical technology and MS degree in molecular biology and biochemistry. After switching to computational biological field, he constructed biological databases, virMir and IGRhCellID. His interest lies on RNA level expression signal changes controlled by epigenetic regulations. Cheng-Kai is now focusing on cis-regulatory elements controlling alternative splicing events. Besides work, taking photography outdoor, playing board games, or computer games indoor are his hobbies.


Gordon, Cheng-Hung Tsai 蔡政宏, Research Assistant
I received my M.S. degree in Biochemical Science and Technology from National Taiwan University in 2015. I was focusing on the structure and regulation of starch phosphorylase from sweet potatos in my previous research. I joined the lab as a research assistant in June of 2017 and found that it was totally different between wet-lab and dry-lab. In the past, I used to do protein purification, electrophoresis and western blot, but I’m knocking on the keyboard now! In my leisure time, I enjoy playing basketball and swimming. Sometimes I went to play dart with my friend in the weekend.

Chin-Yao Chang 張欽堯, Research Assistant 

My name is Chin-Yao Chang. I joined BITS lab as a research assistant since August, 2017. I graduated from National Tsing Hua University and received two bachelor degrees in medical science and physics. After finishing military service, I was offered this job immediately. This opportunity was such a fortune to me because I had longed to sharpen my information ability and broaden my horizon in bioinformatics field since I was an undergraduate. The role of interdisciplinary ability has become more and more important. Therefore, I look forward to combing my existing biology and physics background with the coming computer skills to build my own tripod, enabling me to see through the nature and dig out the truth of the universe.

Tz-Chieh Lin 林子傑, Research Assistant
Yu-Ting Liu 劉宇婷, Research Assistant

Hi I’m Yu-Ting Liu.  I graduated from Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University.  Since 2017, I’ve jumped into projects in Computer Vision of Deep Learning.  I improved the performance of video captioning task by developing a new structure of Long-Short Term Memory model and have been developing a video-content-based searching engine by converting videos into text summaries.  This year, I’m very lucky to join BITS lab for lots of interesting programs, such as termite recognition and application developing program.  Hope I can gain knowledge about bioinformatics, improve problem solving skills, and most importantly, get these meaningful programs off the ground to help lots of people.


Former Members

  • Jimmy Ni  倪宏志,2018/01~2019/06
  • Sih-Yu Chen  陳思妤博士,2018/03~2019/06
  • Wei-Yun Lai   賴薇云,2017/08~2018/06
  • Brian  Yang-Kai Zhou周揚凱,2017/05~2018/06
  • Bonnie I-Man Ng 吳禕文, 2015/09~2017/07
  • Shun-Yuen Kwan 關舜元, 2013/08~2017/08
  • Zing Tsung-Yeh Tsai  蔡宗曄博士, 2013/06~2016/011
  • Hong-Da Chen 陳鴻大博士, 2012/08~2012/12
  • Yi-Tsung Tang  湯鎰聰, 2011/09~2012/02
  • Chih-Hsu Lin  林之昫, 2011/09~2013/08
  • Yu-Pu Chen 陳郁蒲, 2011/02~2011/07
  • Ming-Ren Yen  嚴明仁博士, 2010/08~2013/01
  • Yi-Ching Chen   陳怡靜博士, 2010/07~2013/02
  • Shih-Chang Chen  陳世昌, 2010/06~2010/12
  • Wen-Yi Chu 朱文藝, 2009/10~2012/10
  • Ting-Wei Hsu  許庭瑋, 2009/09~2012/07
  • Yao-Lin Chang  張耀霖博士, 2009/09~2010/07
  • Ming-Tsung Hsu 徐銘聰, 2009/04~2011/06
  • Tse-Yi Wang 王澤毅博士, 2009/02~2012/08
  • Tsung-Jui Chen 陳重瑞, 2008/09~2010/09
  • Howard James Wu 吳豪謙, 2008/08~2009/09
  • Chen-Te Chou 周成德, 2008/07~2010/02
  • Krishna B.Sai Swamy, Ph.D., 2008/01~2012/07
  • Chung-Yi Cho 卓忠毅, 2007/04~2008/08
  • Cindy Pei-Chun Su 蘇珮君, 2007/04~2008/08
  • Chien-Hao Su, Ph.D. 蘇建豪博士, 2007/04~2013/07
  • Grace Tzu-Wei Huang 黃子瑋, 2007/03~2007/12
  • Meng-Yuan Chou 周盟淵, 2006/07~2008/01
  • Ching-Hua Shih 石清華, 2005/06~2007/07
  • Kun-Nan Tsai 蔡昆男博士
  • Chun-Hung Su 蘇俊泓博士
  • Chan-Hsien Lin 林展賢 博士
  • Jen-Hao Cheng 鄭人豪
  • David Z. Pan 潘智超