Visit to Dr. Chun Hong Chen's Laboratory at NHRI

Visit to Dr. Chun-Hong Chen’s Mosqito Laboratory at NHRI in Chunan with bicycling and dinner at Nan-liao afterwards. What a fun day full of adventure and exercise!

Zing Won Best Presentation at BIT 2013

Zing was awarded Best Presentation for his research on “Associations between intronic non-B DNA structures and exon skipping” at BIT. Congratulations Zing!

Chih Hsu Wedding Ceremony

Chih-Hsu Gets Married! Congratulation Chih-Hsu!

Dream Lake and Mountain Hsin

Group hiking excursion after farewell luncheon for Chih-Hsu.

Chien Hao Graduation Luncheon

Celebration of Chien-Hao getting his Ph.D. Congratulation Dr. Su!

Jiufeng and Jingguashi

Year-End Party at Jiufeng and Jingguashi

CRG and as Exchange Workshop

Zing and Francis presented their work at the Exchange Workshop between Center for Genome Research (CRG), Spain and Academia Sinica (AS), Taiwan.

Zing Won Best Oral in ISEGB 2012

Zing was awarded Best Oral Presentation for his research on “Evolution of Cis-Regulatory Features in Yeast De Novo Genes” in the Oral Competition of ISEGB. Congrats Zing!


The International Symposium on Evolutionary Genomics and Bioinformatics is held in National Sun Yet-Sen University on October 19th to 21st. For more information please visit:

ENCODE Presentation Series

Collaborating with labs in Academia Sinica and National Health Research Institute, there will be a series of presentations on ENCODE papers lasting for a few months.